How to get one

  • First choose a model and ribbon pattern
  • Then collect hair from your horse´s or pony´s tail
  • Please turn hair into a loose loop and send it to Tmi nannasalmi, Erviänkatu 16 A, 15840 Lahti, Finland 
          If you are in Japan, visit, Tatsuya Asano will serve you in Japanese
          If you are in USA visit
          Suomenkielinen sivumme
  • Choose to pay with PayPal or bank transfer. When hair with an orderform has arrived you will get an order confirm and an invoice by email. As soon as the invoice is paid we start to make the item.
  • You will receive the ready, custom made item in ca. 4 - 5 weeks

All the items can be made of stock hair, too. If your horses tail has got only one colour but you wish to have a pattern, you might want to get the other colour of some other dear horse OR we can use stock hair.

Simple as that!

Read further for details:

Check from the chosen model the width of the ribbon - amount of hair needed 
  • 3 mm ribbon – 40 hairs 
  • 6 mm ribbon – 80 hairs 
  • 9 mm ribbon – 120 hairs
Required minimum length of hair (because of the weaving technique)
Unfortunately hair shorter than required cannot be used. In general, the longer hair is the easier to make a ribbon.
  • bracelets – 70cm/28”
  • necklaces – 80cm/32”
  • pendant Minea – 20cm/8”
  • rings, brooches/plastrons – 50cm/20”
  • brooche Cassandra – 80cm/32”
  • earrings – 50cm/20”
  • tiebars and cufflinks – 50cm/20”
Hint: The ribbon can be made of hair of several horses, too: Mare and foal, all your horses, best friends etc. Get inspired!

IMPORTANT when using several horses hair: put different horses' hair in separate loops and name them, so we can be sure that every horse will be involved!
Please, no knots or tight breids or adhesive tape. Hair needs not to be washed.

The ribbon is done from the hair provided, unless agreed otherwise. We may have to add some matching hair to give support to the weave in case the hair is too weak by itself or there is no hair enough provided by You.