5 Dec 2017

Advent Candelabrum in Equestrian Style

The first Advent starts the Christmas season. Advent has it´s meaning in the liturgical 
year, but even if you are weren´t that religious, there is this beautiful tradition: 
every Sunday one more candle is lit up as a sign of time, the Advent time, 
passing and Christmas getting closer and closer.

On the 4th Sunday, they are all lit.

It´s easy to make an Advent candelabrum by yourself, also fun with the kids! 
We have a different kind every year, this year we were inspired by 
the wine bottles and spray paints! 

All you need is four bottles, spray paint and decoration after your own taste. 
It´s not necessary to paint the bottles if you prefer them clear or
you have bottles with matt finish.

This year our Christmas is white and silver and this is our version of an
Advent candelabrum. We used a spray primer for glass and plastic
 befote painting them with the silver spray, but that is not compulsory.

Moss and the green apples bring some color and softness
to the arrangement.

In the midst of holiday celebrations, shopping, lights, decorations and joyful carols, 
it might be quite rewarding to have a peaceful, quiet moment with your dearest ones 
and enjoy the light of the candles.

Have a joyful Advent time!

Read more about the Advent ime:

15 Nov 2017

Best Christmas Present Ever!

 Horses and ponies... No matter what time a year, they
are on our minds. And yes, we would like to have them around
us, every day, forever!


nannasalmi horsehair jewellery makes that possible!

Give delighting, truely touching and memorable gift:
fine jewelry with a woven tail hair ribbon made with her or his
own horse´s tail hair.

You will receive the item gift wrapped, ready to be given.

Ring Amate, classisc and stylish
woven ribbon 3 mm 

Tuum,  woven ribbon 6 mm
Tuum is massive, good choice for a man.
Inside surface of all the rings is convex, that makes them more
comfortable to wear.

With or without stones, your choice...

Woven tail hair ribbon 6 mm

Woven tail hair ribbon 9 mm,  64 hand bedded 
Swarovskies or diamonds

Cufflinks Polo,  Woven tailhair ribbon 3 mm

These and many, many more designs you find in our web shop

also available

HD Animals Wallpapers
 Enjoy the time waiting for Christman...

10 Nov 2017

Reconstructed new website!

We are so happy to introduce our new website!

There are no moving pictures, animations, jumping or fading texts. 
There are no XXXXL pictures.
The functions and drop down menus are as simple as possible.

We know that very many of you use mobile phone or tablet when surfing
around in the exciting world of the internet. The new website should be now
optimized for PC, mobile phone and tablet.

nannasalmi.com on your mobile

You can easily find and compare the prices of different
designs and metals...

When you click "order" you see how much and how long hair
we would need to make a weave for that certain item.

You don´t have to print the order form anymore. All the 
information comes to us online as you select the item, size, ribbon style etc.
And don´t worry: we will be in touch if there is information missing or
some other problem with the order.
 If you have any questions considering your order, ribbon styles, sizing etc.,
 please, don´t hesitate to be in touch!

One thing is still the same:
You get the invoice as an e mail AFTER we have received the hair from you.
We wish to be sure, that the hair is "weavable" before you pay for
your jewellery.

So, plenty of information - auch auf Deutsch!
Make your choice and place your order here:

Suomalaisten asiakkaittemme toivomme käyttävän
suomenkielistä sivuamme

Tällä sivustolla on mahdollisuus myös osamaksuun mikäli valitset
maksutavaksi Checkout -maksun. Koru toimitetaan normaaliaikataulussa
tilauspäivästä tai siitä, kun olemme saaneet jouhet.

2 Oct 2017

Photogrpaher Katja Jensen in her own Words

Katja Jensen, born in 1998, Denmark

My journey started before I was born, with my mom being an equestrian. Even though I had three elder siblings, I was the only one that held onto the love for the horses as I grew up. I remember when I was no more than four years old, I would often grab an old bucket, and wander out to the paddock. We had the gentlest standardbred mare there, and I would scramble onto her back, with the help of the bucket, and then just sit there for hours. That’s when I started to wonder how incredible would it be, if I could do this for the rest of my life?

I didn’t have an easy childhood. I was bullied up through middle school, and so the horses became my sanctuary. I have always been one to feel strongly, and so I would react resolutely on those feelings. My fellow schoolmates couldn’t quite understand it. But the horses didn’t ask questions or judge me. They would just welcome me right in, with their big, brown eyes and soft muzzles. That’s what I believe horses do best. They connect to you, right where you are, and acknowledges you. Without trying to change you or the situation, but doing so with their acceptance.

When I was around 11 years old, I loaned my mom´s DSLR camera. With no rules to follow, I threw myself at photography, with such eagerness and anticipation that only a child can hold. I photographed absolutely everything. Horses, cats, leaves, flowers, insects, sunsets. The list is long, but in general all that was to be found on the farm.
High school would prove to put an end to my creativity for a while. When I was a teenager, my interests were many, and I couldn’t seem to settle on one for more than a few days at a time. I was into photography, drawing and writing. But to really be good at something, you need to dedicate yourself to that subject. Therefore during my education, my photography was neglected.

After high school I decided to release myself from the students applying to college. Instead I got a job, and started working and saving. This is probably the best decision I ever made. It started out as a gap year, but has later just turned into my way of living. Someday - perhaps - I will find my way back the school bench.
With the stress and pressure from high school gone, I could really begin focusing on what I wanted to do with my life. I had more or less lost the motivation for photography, until I decided to give it another shot. During my school time, I would do small commissioned photo shoots, and some of these shoots woke the smoldering fire inside from my childhood. I knew my passion was still there, I just didn’t know how to find it.

During 2017 I have carried out a project of mine, called “Horses in Motion”. Most of the photos you have seen during this week, have been from this project. I decided to photograph the horses only, without a human's influence. I collected horse models, that I would use for my own photo shoot, in which I decided what I wanted to photograph.
This also led me to more experience with light and different time settings, resulting in photos I haven’t been able to make before. I was often afraid to step out of my comfort zone, during the commissioned photo shoots. I stuck to the things I knew.

Even though this is not my profession yet, I have no doubt that the following years will change that. In February I’m travelling Norway, doing commissioned photo shoots and photographing more models to finish the last of my project. Remember: dreams come in a size too big, so we can grow into them.


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28 Sep 2017

October - the Golden Month

Autumn. October.
Cold, dark, wet.
Sunny days, warm afternoons and golden leaves.

Just posting these pictures to cheer you up - it is not that bad after all!

You get to wear your dearest pullover, warm socks, enjoy fire, lid the candles.
You can walk in the forest, enjoy the fresh air and the morning frost -
with you dearest...

nannasalmi horsehair jewelry

salmi nannasalmi

salmi nannasalmi

salmi nannasalmi

There are all the colours and shades in October.

Have a beautiful weekend!

24 Aug 2017

Foals of Birch Bark by Jenni Tieaho - what else?

Birch bark is very versatile material, and without it the life of the northern 
people would have been much more difficult in the old days. 
When soaked, resilient but easy to bend.
When dry, very hard, durable and beautiful.

Photo by Jenni Tieaho

These foals were seen in Mänttä Art Weeks as well.

Detail of a tail

See more of Jenni Tieaho´s work

Birch bark has been  used for example as a building material for roofs and isolating. 
All kinds of everyday necessities were made of it, too: 
back packs, food storage and cooking dishes, rings, musical instruments,
even shoes.

Birch trees are most common of Finland's deciduous trees, and in Finland's cold 
climate even partly competitive with Finnish forests dominating the spruce. 
Birch trees grow in the coniferous forest zone mixed with conifers, which makes 
them a significant species of hardwood.To get birch bark we don´t cut the 
trees, bark is taken off the trees that are cut anyway.

Birch bark is a fascinating material. No wonder, that Jenni Tieaho has
chosen to work with it side by side with other nature´s materials like willow.

Back pack

allthingsfinnish.tumblr.com photo by Marja Pirilä

Photo Tuohimuori, Marjatta Flander-Airola

Rattle and pot cleaner by Tuohimuori

Jewellery box

Jewellery, "poor man´s engagement ring"

Making a birch bark roof
Photo yle.fi

Birch, photo puusto.com

Just imagine yourself and your horse in a birch forest...
There´s no better forest for a forest ride!

22 Aug 2017

Horse of Birch Bark by Jenni Tieaho

We visited Mäntän Kuvataideviikot, "Mänttä Art Weeks" a few weeks ago.
Now we would like to share something very special with you!

 The first thing we saw in the entrance hall as we arrived,
was this natural size horse sculpture .

The posture of the horse and the illusion of movement was so strong
 that you just waited for the horse to stand up, shake himself 
and chortle happily after wallowing on the ground.

The details were amazingly beautifully done.

Poultry netting and birch bark. Absolutely fantastic.

The artist Jenni Tieaho, born in 1969. Works and lives in Lohja, Finland.
Artist of the year 2015

You can read more about Jenni and her work here:
Jenni Tieaho, Enviromental Art

5 Jul 2017

7 x Zandra Ahl, Photographer of the Week 26/17

I have loved horses since I first visited my local ridingschool when I was 7 years old.
After that basically everything was about horses. I bought my first horse when I was 15 
and it turned out to be impossible to have just one so now I have three!


I have been interested in photography since I was a child, even before I took interest 
in horses. My father and his father were into photography so it has been natural for
 me to take photos of everything in my life that I like.

After school I realized quite quickly that I wanted to work as an equine photographer. 
I saved some money to buy myself a DSLR camera and learned equine photography 
by taking photos of my friends horses, so I am basically self-taught.
I guess that I am a dreamer and also a stubborn person so without even thinking twice 
I started my company 2011 and I have never looked back once.


The main reason that I wanted to work with equine photography is that I love horses.
I love their beauty, their personalities, the happiness they give their owners. I can also 
combine my creativity in photography working with horses.

The best part of my job is to be able to give people beautiful photos of 
their horses to remember them forever.

That is my main motivation and the meaning of my work.


See and learn more about Zandra on her

Web page



Thank you, Zandra, for your story and these wonderful photos.
We wish you all the best in the future!